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Jasper van BloklandMA
Animation Illustration Infographics
I am driven to simplify content into clear and understandable images
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Soft Skills

Technical skills

Conditional illustration Illustrations Conditions Repetition Black & White Fineliner Skylines

These drawings are made with repetitions of visual conditions
Conditional animation Avans University of Applied Science
Master Animation Illustrations Conditions Efficient Typography Movement Collaboration
Poster & conditional generated visuals
The research in Parametric Animation explores the role of animation and movement in the (graphic) design process. Generated by Parametric Animation, the outcomes are variations of a design which uses principles of animation and movement, intended for Graphic Designers.
Conditional generated animations
Generated animation made with formulated global conditions - the position and color of the elements are variable
Several parties were involved in this research. Testing and discussing the use of parametric animation with them made a great contribution to the research, which resulted in an application that will generate different designs based on formulated conditions.
Process illustrations
Conditional design
Bachelor Graphic Design
Generated conditional posters
Generated animation made with formulated conditions - the positions of the elements are variable
Over the years I’ve developed two applications – one generates colour variations, while the other creates alternative designs based on the design that you provide. Although these two applications are different, the similarity is that both generate lots of divergent results within a short period of time.
Side Kick Color Application
Screenshots of the color application; the application generates a divergent of color variations
Each design process contains a production process, characterized by repetitive actions. By automating this part of the design process, the designer gets more time to focus on designing rather than producing.
Portrait illustrations with different types of conditions
Conditional portraits with different contours
Conditional portraits with different structures
Microplastic Avans University of Applied Science
Bachelor Graphic Design Identity Infographic Collaboration Ocean Cleanup
Exposition Bachelor Graduation
Graduation exposition AKV Sint Joost Breda - The Netherlands - 2016 June
Infographics about the sea pollution
For the Graduation Bachelor Graphic Design I made infographics about the plastic sea pollution, based on data and research by the Ocean Cleanup Rapport
Pictogram illustrations
Maquette experiments
Process illustrations
Illustrations of the global plastic pollution

Way-finding Avans University of Applied Science
Illustration Identity Way-finding Delft

Way-finding experiments
Pictogram illustrations
Stereotype Scientists Illustrations for IntroScience NL
Co-Founder Introscience NL Identity
Chaotic selfportraits
Illustration Selfportrait
Responsive web educator
Illustration Experiments Shading
Holiday Notation
Education & Achievement
2016 - 2018 Conditional Animation Master AKV St Joost - Avans University of Applied Science
2013 - 2016 Generative Design Bachelor AKV St Joost - Avans University of Applied Science
2011 - 2012 Graphic Design Propedeuse Royal Academy of Art The Hague
2003 - 2011 School for Young Talent High School Royal Academy of Art The Hague
2016 - 2017 Training in entrepreneurship Certificate Starterslift
2016 - 2017 Support in entrepreneurship Business Support Business Atelier
Master thesis: “Conditional Animation - Designing with animation makes the design process a lot easier and more efficient”
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